Panel Glide Blinds

Quick Overview

Durable innovative blinds perfect for large windows and doors. Or as an elegant room divider.

Features and Benefits:

  • Australian made

  • Custom made

  • Effortless and noiseless gliding properties

  • Durable long lasting qualities

  • UV resistant and UV stabilised

  • Child safe blind system

  • Fits up to 6m in length

  • You choose the panel size, whether to go for less wider panels or more smaller panels

  • Stylish and easy to operate

  • Clean and modern lines

  • Versatile and contemporary

  • Comes in blockout, light filtering and sunscreen and in a wide range of fabrics


Panel glide blinds have been making their mark on the Window furnishing for a short few years, yet have had a big impact on the local scene. People always felt more restricted when trying to choose a covering for a doorway, and often had to compromise on style for the practicality of a vertical blind. No need to compromise anymore with a gorgeous stylish Panel Glide. A Panel Glide Blind runs on an aluminium track and can be made to fit as wide a space as 6000mm. The panels do not tilt as in a vertical but rather along the track stacking behind each other. They glide effortlessly via a wand, and just seem to add an air of sophistication to any room.

Northwest Curtains Blinds and Shutters are proudly able to offer two different tracking systems. Originally, a Panel Glide Blind had to run on as many tracks as panels, also dependant on which way they opened, which meant they could sit out a little bulky, or finish further away from the opening.  That is the standard type of tracking and we do still offer it. But, he also have access to Clic System. This is a single tracking option to keep the Panel Gide more streamlined with a less bulky fitting. There is a slight overlap on each blind as they close up, which eliminates the need for multiple tracks, and assists to keep the cost down.

If you want a modern more sophisticated look you really should consider the stylish aesthetics of the  Panel Glide Blinds.

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