Honeycomb/Cellular Blinds

Quick Overview

Saving energy by insulating windows. Available single or double cell.

Features and Benefits:

  • Australian made

  • Custom made to fit your window or door size

  • Lightweight

  • Superior insulation properties

  • Energy saving

  • Sound insulation properties

  • UV treated

  • Blockout or light filtering options

  • Single or double cell

  • Minimal light gaps

  • Optional premium versatile top down bottom up option

  • Suited to any decor


These blinds are often referred to as either cellular or honeycomb blinds. Cellular blinds offer controlled levels of privacy, insulating factors and light control. They come in a range of blockout or light filtering fabrics.

One of the best features of cellular blinds is their insulating properties. They come in either single or double cell, with the double cell providing an even more superior insulating factor. The long open channels trap air at the window, thus assisting in keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Other benefits are in the operating. On the budget end you have a standard cord operated blind, that lifts up and down via the cord operation. For a premium effect you can go past the versatile top down bottom up cellular blind. This mechanism allows the operator, to either lift the stack to the top of the window, lower the stack all the way to sill, or have it partially down from the top and up from the bottom to control the light and privacy to any desired setting. They also have a very small stack size, for those who want to maximise outside views, and are an effective solution for those who want a simple look to a window furnishing that will not clash with an interior décor.

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